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Scientific community/Science communication

Charlezetta Stokes, Howard University

By discussing supposed contradictions between science and religion or philosophy, the program will encourage participants to refine their ethical and moral beliefs while gaining a deeper understanding of the world.

Catherine Smith, Indiana University

A poster and Earth Day presentation will be presented to Christian schools in Palm Beach County, Florida, to provide Christian educators with scientific information contextualized within Christian doctrine.

Kira Smiley, Stanford University

Via workshops and social media, young adult LDS members near Stanford were taught sustainable science principles, that connected to LDS principles, to build awareness of environmental and climate science.

Frough Saadatmand, Howard University

This event at the Howard University campus will be a science-faith dialogue about the impact of exposure to violence as a public health risk to the African American communities in the Washington area.

Ruth Quartey, Howard University

This focus group explored opportunities for research scientists at Howard University to partner with faith-based leaders in a Ghanaian Association in Maryland and a Muslim congregation in Virginia.

Eric Lebel, Stanford University

This project will bring scientists and religious experts (in Catholicism and Judaism) together for a discussion on the implications of climate change with respect to the poor and most vulnerable. 

Krystiana Krupa, Indiana University

There will be a workshop with dialogue between facilitators and tribal nations about the techniques used in ancient genetics/genomics (from humans, other animals, and plants) and both their benefits and pitfalls. 

Ollie L. Jefferson, Howard University

Diverse women scientists and faith leaders will engage in dialogue on the possibilities of information and communication technology, and how science and religion complement each other.

Esohe Irabor, Howard University

A presentation and dialogue explored Salaat (the Muslim form of prayer), the scientific method, and the mechanisms of the scientifically-deduced benefits of Salaat.

Michael A. Hunt, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

A facilitated dialogue with current UMBC students will include guided discussions on the value of engaging their spirituality and religious experiences in their research, and will end with a guided art project.