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One of Marques’ goals from the beginning of the AAAS Leshner Public Engagement Fellowship year was to better understand what human augmentation means to most people, and how he and his colleagues could increase interest in this topic and support broader engagement with it. Marques is part of the 2019-20 class of AAAS Leshner Public Engagement Fellows, whose scientific and public engagement work connects to the topic of human augmentation. These researchers come from a diverse range of disciplines, but they are all interested in technologies that temporarily or permanently change the capabilities of the human body. Their work varies widely, from assistive technologies and wearable sensors to tattooing and antibiotics.

See highlights of AAAS Leshner Public Engagement Fellow activities. 

As we enter what we know will be a turbulent winter season for all of us, we want to use this opportunity to check-in with each other and give everyone an opportunity to talk about the challenges and opportunities that are front of mind following the Presidential election and rising COVID-19 numbers. We will be using breakout groups to facilitate networking, and Google docs for crowdsourcing resources and information sharing. Bring your lunch or your morning coffee and join us for an opportunity to step away from the day-to-day!

In the breakout sessions that concluded the 2019 AAAS Communicating Science Seminar, a group of attendees explored the innovative ways public and land grant institutions are fulfilling their public commitment by responding to the needs of the communities in which they are embedded.

The 2021 AAAS Communicating Science Seminar was held online on Friday, February 5, as part of the virtual AAAS Annual Meeting. This annual seminar provides a variety of opportunities for scientists, science communication researchers and public engagement practitioners to discuss and share research and best practices for science communication and public engagement.

The 2021 AAAS Communicating Science Seminar will be held online on Friday, February 5, the week prior to the main AAAS Annual Meeting. For more information, visit the seminar page, and submit a proposal for a breakout session here by November 9.