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Scientific community/Scientific method

Luis Martinez, like many scientists, did not set out to be a leader in public engagement with science. For him, this aspect of his career arose largely through a research project that attracted the interest of the Los Angeles Times. This attention from a national newspaper led to other interviews, and eventually he was recruited by one of his professional associations, the American Society for Microbiology (ASM), to be on their communication committee. Through ASM, he helped with communication training workshops for graduate students, realizing along the way that he had more experience to share than he’d realized.
AAAS and Mexico’s scientific organization sign agreement to foster scientific collaborations and integrate scientific knowledge into policymaking.
The AAAS Board of Directors adopted the “Statement on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility” on Oct. 12 to govern the organization, its members and guide scientists across the globe.

AAAS CEO Rush Holt today expressed reservation regarding reports that President-elect Donald Trump plans to select Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, who views human-caused climate change as unsettled, to run the Environmental Protection Agency.