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AAAS, the world’s largest general scientific organization, announced Thursday that it will partner with the March for Science, a worldwide nonpartisan movement highlighting the essential role that science plays in understanding our world, improving our daily lives and informing policymaking in towns and cities across the globe.
AAAS and the Royal Society recently brought together leaders from policy, diplomacy, trade, science, and industry on both sides of the Atlantic to explore the trends and drivers changing the shape of international trade.
AAAS applauded 73 House and Senate lawmakers Wednesday for fighting to keep out of a final tax overhaul measure provisions that would saddle graduate students with significant tax increases.
New Approaches to Machine Learning Offer Insights into Human Experience Experts cast a unique light on profound questions concerning how we as humans experience the world, think and relate to technology at a AAAS lecture.
Scientific and engineering societies urge the Senate to resist provisions included in the House-passed tax bill that would render graduate education less affordable.