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Social sciences/Economics/Business/Entrepreneurship

Since 2011, the GIST Tech-I pitch competition has given young science and technology innovators from emerging economies the chance to vie for recognition on a global stage.

GIST Tech-I is a global pitching competition which seeks to identify and select, train, and encourage innovations by young scientists and great minds all over the world. As part of the GIST initiative, Tech-I works to empower young innovators to build businesses that address economic and development challenges.

The new class of Invention Ambassadors represent the spirit of today’s inventors through their dedication to improving the world we live in and inspiring the next generation of inventors. They are a diverse group of eight inventors who are driving advancements in accessibility, security, healthcare delivery, and sustainability, among other areas. Members of this class include representatives of the public and private sectors, small businesses, academia, and Fortune 500 companies.

Learn more about our 2018-2019 Invention Ambassadors and Alumni Ambassadors.