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Now in its third year, Science Forum South Africa 2017 took place in Pretoria on December 8-9, 2017, with more than 3,000 participants from Africa and across the world.
House Bill Will Drive Fewer Students to Seek Advanced Degrees, Hurt Economy Scientific and engineering organizations also appealed to House leaders to preserve existing tax benefits.

AAAS workshop explores opportunities—and challenges—in communicating science for policy in Congress.

The nation’s leading scientific and engineering societies are raising new concerns about the impact of President Donald Trump’s latest visa and immigration policy.
In his years as a practicing physician, researcher, and hospital administrator, Brad Spellberg has devoted extensive time to communicating about antibiotic resistance.
Anne Jefferson is finding ways to address the human side of climate science and stormwater management. Stormwater runoff, which carries urban, agricultural and industrial pollutants into waterways, has devastating consequences for water quality and ecosystems. Climate change increases the volume and velocity of the runoff, worsening flooding and pollution. Concrete steps can be taken, yet “we are not doing nearly enough to manage urban runoff,” says Jefferson. Broader dialogue among scientists, policymakers and other stakeholders about stormwater issues and urban climate resilience is needed. In addition, Jefferson, an associate professor of geology at Kent State University, says social science should be used more often to assess people’s responses to programs and how this influences implementation.