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Human rights are fundamental entitlements needed to safeguard every person’s dignity and promote the realization of each person’s full potential. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights describes human rights as:

Four science books exploring the diversity of the ocean’s food chain, the life and work of autism expert Temple Grandin, four citizen science projects, and the memorable recounting of the struggle to save a Hawaiian monk seal pup named Ho’ailona (“KP2”) earned top honors in the 2013 AAAS/Subaru Science Books & Film (SB&F) competition.

Science NetLinks, the Web’s premier science education resource, has earned the Interactive Media Awards’ Best in Class designation in the education, nonprofit, and science/technology categories.

When it comes to social hierarchy in wild baboons, top-ranking or “alpha” males have higher stress hormone levels than second-ranking males, suggesting that being at the very top of baboon society may be more costly than previously thought, reports a new study in the 15 July issue of the journal Science.