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Haiti and the global community should work together to build a robust science sector that can help the nation recover from last year’s deadly earthquake, support future development, and improve the lives of Haiti’s people, says a new AAAS report by Haitian and international scientists and educators.

The heat wave that blasted large parts of Eastern Europe last summer likely made 2010 the warmest of the last 510 years in Europe, according to researchers.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico—Nearly two dozen scientists, science policy experts, and educators have convened here today to explore how collaborative efforts to build Haitian science capacity can help the nation recover from its devastating January earthquake and contribute to its long-term economic development.

Jay Graham visited Haiti for the first time in late February, as he joined urgent efforts to bring clean water to Port au Prince after the 12 January earthquake. Working intense, 15-hour days, the AAAS S&T Policy Fellow helped provide hand washing stations and other sanitation needs for the burgeoning camps of displaced people.