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Researcher presents brain imagery evidence that meditation and yoga improve cognition at AAAS event. Researcher presents brain imagery evidence at AAAS event that meditation improves cognition.

GUANAJUATO, Mexico—Emanuel Perez, a junior in high school and the son of two Mexican immigrants, has not always found it easy to position himself in the world of higher mathematics. He said that growing up in the Belmont-Cragin neighborhood of Chicago, some of his Latino peers mocked, or at least questioned, his love of math. Although he is on a math team at the Whitney M. Young Magnet School, he is the only minority student on the team. “You try to fit into both worlds, and you don’t fit into either,” Perez said.

The Internet has profoundly disrupted the traditional role of teacher as dispenser of information, and during a recent workshop at AAAS, educators, researchers, and industry representatives sought to transcend old views and help teaching methods catch up with the technology.