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Remarks by Steve Jenkins as he accepted his 2018 SB&F Prize in the Middle Grades Science category.
Science and education groups raise concerns about proposed visa policies requiring millions to disclose expanded personal information.
Each year, AAAS convenes thousands of scientists, engineers, educators, policymakers and journalists at its annual meeting...
Anthony Wilson studies how the biology of blood-feeding insects affects the spread of viruses and our ability to control their spread. Wilson, group leader in Integrative Entomology at the Pirbright Institute in the United Kingdom, first did public engagement as a graduate student participating in the Science and Engineering Ambassador program at his university. He found it rewarding to speak with undergraduate students about STEM careers, especially because no one had encouraged him in this way. Since then, his public engagement has continued to be part of his research career, as his work is inherently public-facing. For example, he coordinated closely with veterinarians to manage and communicate about the bluetongue virus during the 2006 outbreak in Europe. He helped promote the message that insects spread this disease, which has severe impacts on livestock populations, and that people can help in controlling it and preventing its entry into the UK.
AAAS director looks to the day when science is an overarching framework that drives scientific knowledge, understanding and the policies it informs.
Margaret Hamburg’s Humanitarian Impulses Started Early