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Did you know that sooty shearwaters travel more than one million miles and 6,000 days in their average life span of 32 years? Or that on coral reefs more than 100 cleaner species serve as doctors and dentists to other fish? These fun facts are featured in marine scientist Nancy Knowlton's new book "Citizens of the Sea." Written for a general audience, the book will also appeal to the scientific community and to educators looking to ignite students interest in marine life. In this podcast, Knowlton reads selections from her book.

The annual natural census is celebrating its 10th anniversary and the National Park Service's 100th by holding hundreds of events at parks nationwide.
The annual contest, now in its eighth year, honors researchers who communicate scientific ideas through dance.
La 30.ª reunión anual de la División Caribeña de la AAAS se celebrará en San Juan, Puerto Rico, el 12 de septiembre de 2015.
More than four decades ago, Henry Kelly (Senior Advisor to the Director, Energy Policy and Systems Analysis, Department of Energy and 1974-75 AAAS Congressional Fellow) was ushered in as a member of the second-ever fellowship class. Last year his daughter, archaeologist Sophia Kelly, began her fellowship at the Department of State. In true fellow form, they worked collaboratively to respond to some questions Fellowship Focus had for them. Read about their impressions and experiences below.