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Social sciences/Philosophy/Metaphysics

Recently retired Universityof Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) history professor Sandra Herbert's interest in Charles Darwin started in the 1960s when she traveled to England to see his original manuscripts at Christ College, University of Cambridge.

Herbert is the author of  "Charles Darwin, Geologist" and the editor of "The RedNotebook of Charles Darwin and coeditor of "Charles Darwin's Notebooks,1836–1844: Geology, Transmutation of Species, Metaphysical Enquiries."

Inthis interview, Herbert reflects on her experiences at Cambridge, talks abouther interest in Darwin's geological specimens and considerswhat Darwin would make of the biodiversity loss currently taking place aroundthe globe.

Faulty brain functioning clearly can influence behavior, but the links between morality and the physical brain are much harder to pin down.
Sculptures in "Gedankenexperiment," a new exhibit in the AAAS Art Gallery, are inspired by the types of thought exercises at which Einstein famously excelled.