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Social sciences/Philosophy/Science philosophy/Science and religion

AAAS DoSER is excited to announce a new focus on climate change science with the Climate Science in Theological Education (CSTE) project. Applications for the first cohort are open until September 17, 2023.

AAAS has selected a new director for its Dialogue on Science, Ethics and Religion (DoSER) program: Katharine “Katy” Hinman, who has served as the program’s associate director since 2019.

How can people strengthen their connections to natural world? That was the question addressed during this year’s December Dialogues, an event hosted by the Dialogue on Science Ethics, & Religion (DoSER) program of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

DoSER has received the 2021 Expanded Reason Award in the teaching category for their work connecting religious leaders with the latest scientific research and promoting dialogue between and among religious and scientific communities.

On June 15, 2021, the AAAS DoSER program hosted a free virtual symposium on science’s impact on human life and society and how faith communities are engaging with forefront science.

Eight seminaries across the country will incorporate science into their coursework and campus life as participants in AAAS' Science for Seminaries project.