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Social sciences/Philosophy/Science philosophy/Scientific method/Scientific data/Observational data

Scientists Use Emerging Tools to Gather Evidence, Assist Human Rights Groups
More Research into Validity of Fingerprint Comparisons Needed, Forensic Report Says Courtroom testimony and reports stating that fingerprints collected from a crime scene belong to a single person lack scientific foundation.

Our Fellows represent a diverse range of scientific communities, from research collaborations on the scales of cities and states to global networks for open data. Each Fellow brings a unique set of skills and challenges to the cohort. At the same time, many of our Fellows share common goals when it comes to their organizations and communities and the technology they use, and we’re excited to foster their community of practice.

A new education project from AAAS aims to prove that smart phones can be more than a classroom distraction. Instead, they can be a powerful tool for helping students and teachers collaborate on creative, hands-on science learning.