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Trust-building, effective communication and hands-on diplomatic experience were the focuses of the 2017 Science Diplomacy & Leadership Workshop.
Ending a carpooling policy in Jakarta, Indonesia led to an increase in travel time during both morning and evening rush hour, a new study finds.
Lin Zheng, a leading Chinese communications professional, traveled earlier this spring from Beijing to Wuhan, an ancient city with a growing scientific presence, to address a group of media officers eager to improve their science communication skills.
The nation’s leading scientific organizations vowed to build on the momentum generated by the March for Science by continuing to reach out to the public and policymakers at all levels to promote sound scientific policies that advance discovery and benefit society, according to a joint statement issued on April 24.
As a scientist interested in public engagement, it can help to try different approaches to engagement to see what clicks.
The American Association for the Advancement of Science unveiled on Tuesday a series of events and activities intended to promote the importance of science and its vital place in the nation’s policymaking process as part AAAS’ role in the upcoming March for Science.