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Item Type: Satellite Imagery
Data Type: Raster

The Global Land Cover Facility (GLCF) provides earth science data and products to help everyone to better understand global environmental systems. In particular, the GLCF develops and distributes remotely sensed satellite data and products that explain land cover from the local to global scales.

Although two out of three Americans reportedly use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, researchers say that few users appreciate the ways that social media are manipulated to influence voters and affect the outcome of elections.

Many studies have suggested that exaggerated ornamentation or weaponry, like beetle horns, deer antlers, or extremely long bird tails, are symbols of a male’s virility. Now, a new study demonstrates how this might work: Researchers have found that the size of a beetle’s horn is more sensitive to insulin signaling than other features, like the insect’s wings or genitalia.

In 2007, satellite-image analysis by AAAS pinpointed evidence consistent with village destruction, forced relocations and a growing military presence at 25 sites across eastern Burma, bordering Thailand, where eyewitnesses had reported human rights violations.

A new follow-up analysis has now revealed likely destruction at an additional 25 locations in Burma, also known as Myanmar.

Diane Riendeau

Diane Riendeau