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Social sciences/Political science/Sociopolitical systems

Sputnik 1 first streaked across the virgin heavens a half-century ago ushering in the Space Age. Since then the number of manmade objects circling the globe has swelled into the hundreds of thousands. Space-based systems such as Global Positioning System (GPS), telecommunications, and weather forecasting have become so woven into daily life that they are taken for granted.

A measure developed to assess the quality of scientific journals has distorted how research is evaluated, and should be not be used to judge an individual’s work, Science Editor-in-Chief Bruce Alberts writes in the 17 May issue of the journal.

Forget textbook descriptions of the legislative process and toss out preconceptions about how to get things done in Washington, a former congressional leader and a current member of Congress told a record class of AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellows as they prepared for a year in Washington agencies and congressional offices.

The scientific community can help lay the foundation for future nuclear arms control, including the use of proposed disarmament laboratories to spur global cooperation on some of the technical and policy issues involved, says a briefing paper prepared jointly by AAAS and the United Kingdom’s Royal Society.