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Social sciences/Psychology/Behavioral psychology/Human behavior

The John P. McGovern Award Lecture in the Behavioral Sciences, first delivered in 1990, honors outstanding behavioral scientists from around the world. The lecture was endowed by the John P. McGovern Foundation to enable scholars to learn and explore the accomplishments and challenges of the behavioral sciences. Dr. McGovern was an internationally recognized physician, scientist, scholar, educator, and humanitarian.

The current submission cycle begins April 15, 2024 and closes June 30, 2024. Inquiries may be directed to Please include "John P. McGovern Award Lecture" in the subject line of your email. 

To celebrate this year’s Earth Day theme, SB&F has selected books and films that focus on environmental issues, particularly on plastic pollution and recycling.
The design of cities, buildings and rooms can affect humans on a neurological level, said experts during a discussion at the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington on March 15.
Mammals have substantially smaller ranges in areas where human activity is high.
Three-quarters of a worldwide sample of honey are contaminated with at least one neonicotinoid pesticide, a new study concludes.
Determining if a fire is accidental or due to arson is a process often plagued by poorly understood science, subjective judgments on the part of investigators and inadequately trained personnel, according to a new AAAS report on the quality of fire investigation in the United States.