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Science begins to unlock the secrets of older people with brains that age well as advances continue to add years to the average lifespan.
AAAS Neuroscience & Society Event Looks at Video Games' Effects

Dementia usually is considered a disease of the elderly, but Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia are detected in many who are younger than 65, and early diagnosis of the disorders can be elusive, a leading specialist on dementias told a recent Capitol Hill briefing hosted by AAAS.

A football player is slammed hard, laid out cold, and carted off the field; a soldier in Afghanistan is blown off his feet by an explosion; a driver and passengers are pulled from the mangled frame of an automobile—these are the images that come to mind when most people think of traumatic brain injury.

Scientists have discovered a series of genetic signatures that are particularly common in people who live to 100 and beyond, compared to the average population. The findings appear online today, in the 1 July Science Express.