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From Galileo, to Darwin, Einstein and beyond, landmark achievements in science have transformed the way that we perceive and live in the real world, says Timothy McGettigan, Colorado State University-Pueblo professor of sociology and author of the book Good Science: The Pursuit of Truth and the Evolution of Reality. He defines "good science" as the knowledge-seeking activities that assert a very clear linkage between truth and facts."

In this podcast McGettigan reads from his book Good Science, where he outlines six themes: the heavy price scientists pay for advancing truths, the relationship between power and knowledge, the complexities of defining truth within the context of multi-demensional social realities, the influences of scientific fact production on the evolution of new realities, a contemporary problematic -- artificial intelligence (AI) and the debate between physicists Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr.

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As Myanmar moves through an historic political transformation, scientific engagement is helping to shift its relationship with the United States from geopolitical tension to socially beneficial action. An article in the new issue of Science & Diplomacy, the free online publication from AAAS, details how science associations and top universities are leading this effort to work with counterparts in Myanmar.