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Anita Katherine Jones of the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, has been chosen by AAAS to receive the 2012 Philip Hauge Abelson Award. Jones is University Professor Emerita at the University of Virginia. She will receive the award during a 15 February ceremony at the 2013 AAAS Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts.

The first time George Friedlander participated in a national mathematics competition, he wasn’t quite up to the challenge. “I got destroyed,” he admits now, “and I realized I had a lot to learn.”

But the Bronx High School of Science junior and two other American students performed at top levels last month at the Pan-African Mathematics Olympiad in Tunisia. The team of Friedlander, Joseph Feffer, Gabriel Grell, and Rachit Singh had the third highest score among the nine teams competing.

It’s often assumed that scientists are not spiritual, that the religious community is uniformed about and uninterested in science, and that science and religion are simply incompatible.

Jennifer Wiseman

Jennifer Wiseman

Jennifer Wiseman, a NASA astrophysicist, has joined AAAS as director of the Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion.