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Space sciences/Cosmology/Physical cosmology/Theoretical cosmology

A Web site that aims to inspire young children by teaching them about the immensity of the universe and the wonder of the night sky has won the Science Prize for Online Resources in Education (SPORE).

“The Web site is intended to give a sense of perspective to everyone who uses it,” said Carolina Ödman-Govender, who developed the Universe Awareness site into a global resource reaching forty countries. “You can see the universe as a big place and a beautiful place in which you fit.”

The AAAS Southwestern and Rocky Mountain Division will convene in Houston from 8-10 April to explore the latest advances in 21st century fields such as biomedical research, nanotechnology, and synthetic biology.

More than 400 researchers are expected during the three days of presentations at Rice University. Houston is also the site of Baylor College of Medicine, which is co-hosting the meeting, and of the Texas Medical Center, making it a capital of cutting-edge research in medicine and fields of biology, chemistry, and engineering that are related to medicine.