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Space sciences/Cosmology

Researchers seeking to communicate science should remember the three stages of love: attraction, infatuation and commitment.

Seven foundations have formed a coalition with the aim of increasing support for basic science among the nation’s philanthropists and foundations, Robert Conn, president of The Kavli Foundation, announced on 2 May. The group hopes to double philanthropic support in this area of U.S. science within a decade.

When Ken Hess was in ninth grade, he was lucky. His teacher wanted him to do a science project, and he knew exactly what it would be. He talked his dentist into letting him come to the dental office on Saturdays, when it was closed, so Hess could use the X-ray machine to bombard various objects with radiation, observing the results with a “cloud chamber” he had built. The young Hess’s research involved observing the trails made by radioactive particles traveling through the chamber.

Jennifer Wiseman

Jennifer Wiseman

Jennifer Wiseman, a NASA astrophysicist, has joined AAAS as director of the Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion.

The scientific community can help lay the foundation for future nuclear arms control, including the use of proposed disarmament laboratories to spur global cooperation on some of the technical and policy issues involved, says a briefing paper prepared jointly by AAAS and the United Kingdom’s Royal Society.