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2011 webinar series: Neuroscience and the law

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Advances in neuroscience raise challenging issues for the legal system, such as establishing whether or not a litigant is competent to stand trial or sign a contract, determining if the memory of a witness is accurate and reliable, deciding how best to represent a client with an addiction, or convincing a jury that an offender was
capable (or not) of controlling his violent behavior. As research improves understanding of how the brain functions, it is becoming increasingly important that lawyers and scientists gain a better appreciation for how the science will impact the law. 

Join AAAS and the American Bar Association for a series of webinars dedicated to helping you navigate the intersection of Neuroscience and the law. Running on May 5, May 19, June 2, and June 16 this series will offer a comprehensive overview of how today's research will influence tomorrow's litigation.