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2020 Science & Technology Policy Forum

This 45th annual Forum on Science and Technology Policy will be virtual. The login information for the virtual platform has been emailed to registrants. Please allow up to 24 hours after registration to receive login.


We will gather to discuss major current challenges affecting science, policy and society, as well as their intersectionality.

  • The COVID-19 pandemic crisis is demanding unprecedented research speed, resources, collaboration, and results from the scientific community. At the same time, it is deeply disrupting the scientific research enterprise, educators, students, and academic institutions. The pandemic has exposed strengths and weaknesses within the scientific enterprise, as well as persistent societal inequities.
  • Ongoing worldwide demonstrations against racial injustice and police violence have emphasized the tragically persistent scourge of racism in our society. Mirroring the broader society, progress on racial justice and equity in science has been slow and insufficient. We strive for science to lead here, to provide pathways towards greater equity and justice in society, and a clear example of a just and inclusive enterprise.

Program Highlights

  • Discuss our current research and innovation system’s performance during the pandemic crisis.
    • How have researchers, institutions and facilitators of science worked differently to address the pandemic and how have they been affected by the pandemic?
    • What health equity issues have been revealed and exacerbated by the pandemic?
    • What lessons can we learn for the future and what changes can we enact?
  • Analyze the structural racism pervading the scientific enterprise.
    • How has racism in science affected the aspirational goal of science by all and for all?
    • What are the consequences of systemic racism in science for scientific progress and public trust in science?
    • How can AAAS and the scientific community work to dismantle systemic racism and transform science?

Event Contact

Nicolle Rutledge

Manager, Programs Operations and Administration

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