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2021 Virtual AAAS Communicating Science Seminar

The 2021 AAAS Communicating Science Seminar will be held online on Friday, February 5, as part of the AAAS Annual Meeting - and is open to anyone who has registered for the "free public events pass" or the main meeting pass. This annual seminar provides a variety of opportunities for scientists, science communication researchers and public engagement practitioners to discuss and share research and best practices for science communication and public engagement. The seminar is appropriate for participants at all levels of science communication and public engagement – from those who are just beginning to explore ways to incorporate science communication and public engagement into their work, to those who are reflecting on and refining their practices. Through online panels, audience discussion, and breakout sessions, seminar participants will learn from one another, forge new connections and consider ways to apply what they learn in their own efforts. For more information, visit the seminar page on our website or on the online meeting program

Event Contact

Elana Kimbrell

Project Director

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