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AAAS member event: Exploring the Cancer genome

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Wednesday20 April
6.30pm -8.30pm
ClareCollege, Riley Auditorium,
Cambridge, UK

Followingthe publication of the 25 March Cancer special feature in Science, Professor Stratton will discuss next generation sequencingtechnologies which are set to reveal the full repertoire of mutated genes thatdrive the spectrum of human cancers and will shed light on the processes, forthe most part uncharacterized, that caused the mutations in the first place.  Providing a glimpse of studies which willtransform our perspective on human cancer and will shape future therapeutic andpreventive strategies.

 Youare invited to attend this event free of charge, and are welcome to bring aguest.

Registrationis on a first come first served basis, therefore please register at yourearliest convenience, visit