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Accelerating Translational Neurotechnology: Fourth Annual Aspen Brain Forum

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Accelerating Translational Neurotechnology: Fourth Annual Aspen Brain Forum September 18 - 20, 2013 Aspen Meadows Resort, Aspen, Colo.

Neurotechnology encompasses electrical, chemical, and medical devices and products that can interact with or intervene in the activity of the central nervous system. These technologies include neuroprosthetics, neuroengineering, neuroimaging, optogenetics, neuromodulation, and neural stem cell therapies. Translating neurotechnologies from the laboratory into clinical and commercial products has been an arduous process. Yet many of these new tools show great potential to revolutionize the treatment of neurological diseases and disorders including depression, pain, headache, epilepsy, neuromuscular disease, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and traumatic brain injury.

Through a series of plenary sessions, panel discussions, and interactive breakout groups, this 2.5-day international conference WILL explore innovative scientific, clinical, and organizational models for advancing the translation of neuroscience research into technology that can dramatically improve diagnosis and treatment of neurological and psychiatric disease.

Participants will also examine the ethical and regulatory challenges in translating neuroscience research, and the potential economic impact of their clinical application.


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