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ANCIENT HISTORY/MODERN DESTRUCTION: Exhibit Opening Symposium and Reception

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Cultural heritage is the physical manifestation of a people’s history and forms an important part of their identity. Deliberate heritage destruction, which attempts to remove all traces of the past, is often used as a tool of ethnic and sectarian violence. Unfortunately, this type of damage is an ongoing part of the conflict in Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere across the globe. It constitutes an established human rights violation. In addition, archaeological site looting during periods of social and political unrest causes extensive damage to ancient centers. Scientific methods and technological tools can be employed to document, investigate, and ultimately understand heritage loss in order to create more effective humanitarian and policy responses and to develop preventative measures. This exhibition highlights cutting-edge scientific methods, new technologies, and current research projects that are underway to reveal this cultural tragedy. 



Rush Holt, AAAS CEO and Executive Publisher, Science Family of Journals
Richard Kurin, Acting Provost / Under Secretary for Museums and Research, Smithsonian Institution
Julian Raby, Dame Jillian Sackler Director, Arthur M. Sackler Gallery and Freer Gallery of Art
Jessica M. Wyndham, Associate Director, Scientific Responsibility, Human Rights and Law Program, AAAS
Brian I. Daniels, Director of Research and Programs, Penn Cultural Heritage Center, University of Pennsylvania
Richard M. Leventhal, Executive Director, Penn Cultural Heritage Center, University of Pennsylvania
Corine Wegener, Cultural Heritage Preservation Officer, Smithsonian Institution
Salam Al Kuntar, Research Fellow, Penn Museum, University of Pennsylvani
Susan Wolfinbarger, Director, Geospatial Technologies Project, AAAS

Reception to follow in the AAAS Art Gallery.


Special thanks to the sponsors:

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