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The Beauty and Benefits of Science (2013 Highlights)

The 2013's meeting's theme—The Beauty and Benefits of Science—highlighted the "unreasonable effectiveness" of the scientific enterprise in creating economic growth, solving societal problems, and satisfying the essential human drive to understand the world in which we live.

2013 Highlights
Watch, listen to, and read content from the 2013 Annual Meeting in Boston.

William H. Press
AAAS President during the 2013 Annual Meeting

Opening Ceremony with President's Address
Watch the President's Address by William H. Press, now the Chair of the AAAS Board of Directors and Warren J. and Viola M. Raymer Professor in Computer Science and Integrative Biology, University of Texas, Austin.

Plenary Speakers
Watch video of plenary lectures by Sherry Turkle, Nathan Myhrvold, Robert Kirshner, and Cynthia Kenyon.

Browse the Program
View the schedule of 2013 events.

Communicating Science Seminar Videos
Watch videos of the Communicating Science Seminar.

Meeting Images
Images are available for purchase from the meeting photography provider, Atlantic Photography.

Session Recordings
Audio recordings of most symposia, lectures, and seminars may be purchased; visit for more information.

Family Science Days and Meet the Scientists Series
On Saturday and Sunday at the Annual Meeting, a unique community showcase offered an array of hands-on science demonstrations and other family -friendly activities as well as opportunities to interact with scientists and engineers. Learn more about this free event.