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2014 Annual Meeting Video Recordings

Select sessions from the AAAS Annual Meeting were available on a live video stream in 2014. You may purchase archived footage of the AAAS stream.

If you had registered to watch the live video stream, you have access to your sessions until 12 February 2015. Additional sessions are available to purchase for $20 each.

If you did not register for the live video stream, you may purchase archived sessions for $50 each.

List of available sessions

Thursday | Friday | Saturday | Sunday

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Communicating Science Seminar
*As part of its mission, AAAS promotes public engagement with science. This seminar is provided at no cost.

Engaging with Journalists
Engaging with Social Media
Engaging with Public Events


Friday, 14 February 2014

Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and the Economy Seminar
New Business Models for Accelerating Biomedical Innovation
Science-Driven Entrepreneurship: Determined Pursuit of Innovative Success
Organizing the Innovation System for Advanced Manufacturing

Individual Sessions
Addiction: Our Compulsions and Brain Reward Systems
Solitary Confinement: Legal, Clinical, and Neurobiological Perspectives
Topical Lecture: Susan T. Fiske—Humans are Intent Detectors: Implications for Society
Where’s My Flying Car? Science, Science Fiction, and a Changing Vision of the Future 


Saturday, 15 February 2014

Big Data: Applications and Implications Seminar
How Big Data Supports Biomedical Discovery
Data Availability: Making Sure the Gift Keeps Giving
A New Era for Urban Research: Open Data and Big Computation

Individual Sessions
Building Babies: Development, Evolution, and Human Health
Topical Lecture: Trevor Mundel—The Surprising Complexity of Simple Health Solutions and the Importance of Measurement in Global Health
Extremities of the Cosmos: New Experimental Results in Particle Astrophysics 


Sunday, 16 February 2014

Food, Security, and Sustainability Seminar Feeding Grown Population While Sustaining the Earth
Research and Development for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security
Perennial Grains for Food Security in a Changing World: Gene to Farm Innovations

Individual Sessions
Guns and Violence: Psychological, Economic, Political, and Public Policy Implications
Topical Lecture—Amy Smithson: Scientists and (the Ultimate) Responsibility
Re-Identification Risk of De-Identified Data Sets in the Era of Big Data


If you have any questions, please contact Experient either by calling 301 694-5243 or emailing