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Art exhibit: 'Disposable Culture'

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Disposing of items with little thought to what will happen next—or the impact it will have on the environment—has become part of contemporary society.

"Disposable Culture" examines the practice of using things up and throwing them away; the complex problem of managing the world's waste; and how scientists, engineers, and artists are approaching the solutions.

The artworks featured here reuse or depict "trash," reintroducing cast-off items back into our culture through art. By recycling and documenting these objects, the artists prompt viewers to reflect on the role waste plays in our everyday lives, from production to consumption and beyond.

It is our hope that "Disposable Culture" will encourage all to think both creatively and practically about what we can do—as individuals and as a society—to change wasteful practices.

Gallery location and hours:

AAAS Lobby
1200 New York Avenue