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Ask, Learn, Connect: Science + Human Rights

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Ask, Learn, Connect: Science + Human Rights

On-site registration will be available. 

AAAS On-call Scientists and the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) invite you to a reception specially designed to connect human rights advocates with scientists, engineers, and health professionals who are applying their expertise to human rights concerns. In addition to brief presentations and refreshments, the evening will include a structured networking session designed to provide participants new opportunities to meet and learn from each other.

Host Organizations:

AAAS On-call Scientists connects scientists, engineers, and health professionals interested in volunteering their skills and knowledge with human rights organizations that are in need of technical expertise. Science and technology have been used by human rights organizations in a wide variety of ways to enhance their work. Specific scientific knowledge can be useful in reviewing technical reports, answering questions about evidence or methodology, and assisting in the design of a survey. Scientists, engineers, and clinicians can also be valuable in analyzing research findings, and in developing or adapting new technologies to meet the specific needs of a human rights organization.

WOLA is the leading research and advocacy organization advancing human rights in the Americas. We envision a future where public policies protect human rights and recognize human dignity, and where justice overcomes violence. WOLA tackles problems that transcend borders and demand cross-border solutions. We create strategic partnerships with courageous people making social change—advocacy organizations, academics, religious and business leaders, artists, and government officials. Together, we advocate for more just societies in the Americas.

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