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Being an Excellent Proposal Reviewer: Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Service to the Community


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Synopsis: Based on our work with thousands of proposal reviewers, we will discuss a) strategies that reviewers can adopt to improve the efficiency of their work as reviewers; b) what qualities are important to make the review most useful to the applicant team and the funding agency; and c) the benefits to serving as a proposal reviewer.

Dr. Charles Dunlap, RCP Program Director
Dr. Dunlap has more than 20 years of experience designing and implementing national and international S&T grant competitions, overseeing funding agencies, and developing and leading symposia on peer review process. He has created and led S&T programs in the U.S. and more than thirty countries.

Martín Miguel Fernandez, RCP Senior Program Associate
Martín Miguel Fernandez is a Senior Program Associate with the Research Competitiveness Program (RCP) specializing in proposal review and technology entrepreneurship. Martín has managed and implemented peer review for proposals for numerous Federal, state, non-profit, and international funding mechanisms. Prior to coming to RCP, Martín worked at the NSF’s Division of Graduate Education, where he also worked first-hand on proposal-based grant programs.

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