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Climate Change Conversations: Creating Dialogue About Solutions

Climate Change Conversations: Creating Dialogue About Solutions













Join us for this climate communication workshop at the AAAS Annual Meeting (Wednesday, February 10, 2021 from 12:00-12:45pm ET). Talking about climate change is considered one of the best ways individuals and communities can contribute to solutions, yet a majority of Americans rarely or never discuss it. In this workshop, we will introduce a conversation guide scientists can use to engage their communities in discussions. We will offer best practices and other resources for communicating and sustaining dialogue and action on climate change, and participants will start developing their own plans for having local-level conversations about climate change. We will also share multimedia resources highlighting how communities are collaborating with scientists on climate change responses, created for the recent AAAS How We Respond project ( Register for the AAAS Annual Meeting to attend. 

Event Contact

Elana Kimbrell

Project Director

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