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A Conversation about the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

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The Ebola epidemic in West Africa is unprecedented and has taken a drastic toll on human life. It has also resulted in the collapse of already fragile health systems, impacting economic growth and food security. Working across sectors and continents, the world is mobilizing to respond and contain the epidemic.

Join us in a conversation with individuals who are working on the front lines, those implementing government-led efforts to contain the outbreak, and experts who can provide insight about Liberia, the Liberian diaspora and this epidemic. The aim of this forum is to understand and facilitate inter-agency and interdisciplinary collaboration as well as discuss steps taken and additional avenues that could be pursued to stem the Ebola crisis. Through dialogue between the USG, academia, NGOs, and the Liberian Diaspora, we hope to foster further communication and discuss innovative ways to contain the outbreak.

Presented by the AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships Global Health Affinity Group.

Panelists include:

May Chu, PhD

White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), Assistant Director, Public Health

Lisa Cooper, MD

James F. Frie Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Liberian Diaspora

Charles S. Dean II

US Diversified Power Company, Sierra Leone

Sia F. Dean, RN

US Diversified Power Company, Sierra Leone

John Fankhauser, MD

ELWA Hospital, Liberia

Aaron Firoved, PhD

Department of Homeland Security, Senior Biodefense Advisor, Office of Health Affairs

Nicolette Louissaint

Department of State, Ebola Coordination Unit