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Designing Evaluation Plans for Research Projects to Strengthen Implementation and Outcomes


Synopsis: This live webinar presented by the AAAS Research Competitiveness Program aimed to engage the research community, including researchers, research administrators, and evaluators, in a discussion on why evaluation should be viewed as an integral part of project planning, implementation, and management. Traditionally, researchers and research administrators reach out to evaluators at the very end of the proposal development work to join the project team and provide an provide an outline description of evaluation activities. This webinar illustrated the importance of incorporating evaluation planning into project design, implementation, and management starting at the early stages of the proposal development and the key steps involved in developing and executing an effective evaluation plan for research projects.

Speaker: Dr. Maysaa Alobaidi is a Senior Program Associate with the Research Competitiveness Program at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). In this role, she leads external programmatic assessment and data-driven evaluation of large-scale, multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary STEM programs. Dr. Alobaidi has a strong background in evaluation design and methods and 15 years of experience working in a variety of settings to conduct needs assessment, strategic planning, and evaluation of health technologies and services as well as research, education and training programs. Dr. Alobaidi holds a Ph.D. from University of Arizona in Pharmaceutical Economics, Policy and Outcomes Research. Her areas of expertise include program evaluation, survey instrument development and validation, research and evaluation study design and implementation, advanced statistical analysis, economic modeling, and qualitative data collection and analysis.

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