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ELISS Forum on Drinking Water Safety

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Join water professionals from across the country to help keep water in municipal and private wells safe for all.

The National Ground Water Association estimates that 44% of the U.S. population gets drinking water from groundwater that feeds into a municipal or private well.  It is vital to protect these wells from contaminants such as bacteria, heavy metals, or chemicals that may harm human health.  While municipal and private wells are subject to different regulations, ensuring safe drinking water requires quality water sources, proper well construction, and accurate data to guide outreach, monitoring, and treatment efforts.  

How can organizations work across sectors and geographies to ensure safe drinking water for all?

At this event, join participants from across the country and multiple federal agencies and national organizations to explore ways to help one another ensure cleaner well water for more people.  Share helpful resources and best practices, or ask for help addressing key challenges like groundwater monitoring, treatment technologies, and data sharing.

Event Speakers:

Holly Green - Chief of the Prevention Branch, EPA Drinking Water Protection Division
Alan Roberson - Director of Policy for Corona Environmental
Cliff Treyens - Public Awareness Director at National Ground Water Association
Linda De Boldt - Director of Public Works, City of Redmond, Washington
Crystal Lee Pow Jackson - Consultant at North Carolina Dept of Health & Human Services
Evan Kane - Hydrogeologist, Wake County Department of Environmental Services
Andrew Pappas - Environmental Project Manager, Indiana State Department of Health
Jian Peng - Chief Water Quality Planning at Orange County California Public Works

Discussion Topics:

  • Engaging private well owners in monitoring and mitigation
  • Reducing health risks from natural contaminants (arsenic, uranium)
  • Advances in real-time monitoring
  • Opportunities for potable reuse

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