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Facebook Live: Looking Ahead on Earth Day: How Climate Affects our Health – and What You Can Do

How might climate change affect infectious disease? This Facebook Live, on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and amid the COVID-19 global pandemic, will discuss this and related questions affecting us all, such as how our interactions with the environment may increase the risk of vector-borne diseases. Shifts in where both humans and animals live may lead to changes in when and where we see disease outbreaks and how zoonotic diseases "leap" from animals to humans. The discussion will also address responses and solutions - including using apps to track disease outbreaks, how communities are incorporating health into their climate resilience planning, and other research and stories that hold promise for a healthier future. Bring your questions and your ideas (April 22 at 1PM ET).

Event Contact

Elana Kimbrell

Project Director

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