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SAVE THE DATE: Forward Together: Where Science, Ethics, & Religion Intersect in a Changing World

The DoSER program turned 25 in the year 2020!

Anniversaries are the perfect time to reminisce about the past, see how far we’ve come, and look to how we can improve in the future. We’re celebrating our anniversary in June, and you’re invited!

Cupcakes with lit birthday candles in each

Join us June 15 to look at the past, present, and future of the science-religion dialogue!

The virtual, half-day event will include panel presentations and small group discussions on topics at the forefront of the science-religion dialogue, the broad impacts of science on human life and society, and the importance of faith communities for enabling the broadest benefits of scientific advances.

Join scientists, science communicators, faith leaders, and practitioners to learn about engagement on hot topics including evolution, climate change, genetics and neurology, artificial intelligence, combating racism, and increasing public trust in science.

Please continue to check this webpage for more details, and click below to register for the event. We look forward to celebrating with you!


1:00 PM ET Opening Plenary – Why is the dialogue between science and religion important?

Breakout Sessions – How has this dialogue changed our understanding, and what does the future hold?

2:00 PM ET Session 1 (participants will be able to choose one session to attend)

  • Evolution
  • Climate and Environment

2:45 PM ET Session 2 (participants will be able to choose one session to attend)

  • Public Health
  • Race and Racial Justice

3:30 PM ET Session 3 (participants will be able to choose one session to attend)

  • Genetics and Being Human
  • Artificial Intelligence

4:20 PM ET Closing Plenary – How can we build public trust in science?

5:00 PM ET Reception