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Global Food Security Symposium 2014

, Washington , DC

As a supporting partner, AAAS-Science supports the Global Food Security Symposium 2014, organized by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. The global food system is growing more fragile, and a changing climate and increasingly volatile weather patterns could reduce food production globally by 2 percent this century. The world’s growers, especially smallscale farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia and agrifood businesses, must adapt to these conditions if food production is to be increased sustainably and nutritiously by 60 percent by 2050. Symposium sessions will explore: the climate-food nexus and what it means for food security, conflict, economic growth, and the environment; the most effective approaches to making food systems more resilient to extreme weather and a changing climate; opportunities to better manage risks to agriculture and food production associated with weather and climate change; the water-agriculture nexus and promising approaches to successfully managing water stresses related to food production. Register by 15 May. Space is limited.