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Introducing the Statement on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Webinar

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The AAAS Committee on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility (CSFR) worked on a web-based project to update the 1975 AAAS report on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility. Members of CSFR presented the Statement on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility (brought to the AAAS Board in April, 2017), provided details on the project's development and content, and invited your feedback on the project overall. In particular, participants had the opportunity to recommend resources and supporting information that would assist you in using the project website in your work and organization, and suggest steps for effective dissemination and communication of the project.

Draft of the Statement:
"Scientific freedom and scientific responsibility are essential to the advancement of human knowledge for the benefit of all. Scientific freedom is the freedom to engage in scientific inquiry, pursue and apply knowledge, and communicate openly. This freedom is inextricably linked to and must be exercised in accordance with scientific responsibility. Scientific responsibility is the duty to conduct and apply science with integrity, in the interest of humanity, in a spirit of stewardship for the environment, and with respect for human rights."

Melissa Anderson, Chair 
Professor of Higher Education, Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development 
University of Minnesota 

J. Britt Holbrook, Member 
Assistant Professor, Department of Humanities 
New Jersey Institute of Technology 

Jessica M. Wyndham 
Interim Director, Scientific Responsibility, Human Rights & Law Program 

Video of the Webinar: