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Live Trellis Discussion: Collaborations Between Public Engagement Researchers and Practitioners

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Interested in researcher-practitioner collaborations on public engagement projects? So are we. Join an online discussion (November 7 from 3:00-4:00pm ET) with Bronwyn Bevan, head of the Research+Practice Collaboratory, and Brendan Nyhan, Liz Suhay, and Emily Cloyd, representatives of two projects that received funding from the National Academies (supported by the Rita Allen Foundation) and will be speaking at the upcoming Sackler Colloquium on the Science of Science Communication. What are the benefits to both sides of collaborating, and what are the challenges?

If you are not already on Trellis, request to join the group ahead of the discussion. If you can’t join during the live chat, you can post comments or questions at any time afterward.