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Live Trellis Discussion: Science Podcasts as Public Engagement - Ask Your Questions!

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Trellis Podcast Discussion 2018-04-25

Join the Public Engagement with Science Group on Trellis on April 25 from 11am-12pm ET for a live online chat with several scientist-communicators who also host podcasts: Shane Hanlon (Third Pod from the Sun), Jacquelyn Gill (Warm Regards), and Suzi Gage (Say Why to Drugs). We'll talk about what it's like to create these podcasts and use them to engage with their target audiences. Ask them your questions about science podcasts, and share other shows you're a fan of --- and why.

If you are not already on Trellis, request to join the group ahead of the discussion. If you can’t join during the live chat, you can post comments or questions at any time afterward.