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Pathfinders of the Abyss: Exploring the frontiers of marine science and autonomous systems through underwater robotics

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AAAS and Halcyon are pleased to invite you to attend a public lecture sponsored by the new journal Science Robotics, and presented as part of the "2016-2017 Halcyon Dialogues on Robotics," a partnership between AAAS and Halcyon.

Human beings evolved within a very specialized and narrow set of environmental conditions, meaning that parameters like temperature, atmospheric pressure, and the mix of gases dissolved in our bloodstream must remain within a very specific range of values for us to survive. This means that scientists operating in very different environments, such as the deep sea, require heavy and expensive life support systems designed specifically for humans. Robots, however, are already able to operate cost effectively and with high precision in extremely harsh conditions. 

In recent years, rapid advances in machine intelligence have enabled significant advances in autonomy and multi-robot systems that promise to revolutionize both the way that robots interact with ourselves and each other, as well as enhance our ability to conduct research in one of the last unexplored frontiers on Earth. Join us to hear three leading researchers discuss their work on emerging scientific and technological developments associated with the exciting and dynamic field of marine robotics. 


Naomi Leonard, Ph.D. 
Edwin S. Wilsey Professor
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 
Princeton University 

John Ryan, Ph.D. 
Senior Research Specialist
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

Xiaobo Tan, Ph.D
MSU Foundation Professor
Deparatment of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Michigan State University 

Halcyon and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) have partnered on the 2016-2017 Halcyon Dialogue, a series of expert roundtables and discussions on the future of robotics and society to coincide with the launch of AAAS’s new journal Science Robotics. The series will examine the technical, educational, ethical, and policy implications of this evolving field, as well as the many ways that developments in all of these domains influence developments in robotics. The dialogues will be held at Halcyon House, a historic mansion and Halycon’s headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Halcyon seeks and celebrates creativity in all forms and galvanizes creative individuals aspiring to promote social good. They bring together diverse groups of changemakers in art and social enterprise and provide a safe haven for their bold ideas to take flight. Halcyon offers an ecosystem of advocacy that encourages socially engaged creatives to freely experiment, sometimes fail, learn and advance their talents and visions. In doing so, they foster new pathways to knowledge and resources, and help innovators transform their inspiration into impact.

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