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Reprogramming the genetic code

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AAAS/Science membersand friends event - Reprogramming the Genetic Code, will take place on the evening ofThursday 6 October, with a lecture from Dr Jason Chin.

In the cell,DNA is copied to messenger RNA, and triplet codons (64) in the messenger RNAare decoded to synthesize polymers of the natural 20 amino acids. This process(DNA to RNA to protein) is the 'central dogma' of molecular biology. Dr Chin'steam is interested in re-writing the central dogma to create organisms thatsynthesize proteins containing building blocks beyond the 20 natural aminoacids. In his talk he will discuss the invention and synthetic evolution of newcomponents to address the major challenges of re-writing the central dogma, aswell as the application of these approaches for investigating and syntheticallycontrolling diverse biological processes.

Thursday 6 October
6.30pm to 8.30pm
Sainsbury lecture theatre,
Cambridge, UK

To register toattend this event, free of charge, visit: