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#SciEngage Virtual Discussion (September): Gathering Thoughts on What's Next


Ongoing examples of anti-Black racism, as well as the inequities highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, have called attention to the longstanding need to focus on issues of accessibility, social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion within all facets of the scientific community. As a convening space for the science communication and public engagement communities, it is therefore essential that SciEngage take the time to adjust our priorities and approach to how we operate in order to best serve the needs of the field moving forward. 

To do so, we feel that it is appropriate and necessary that the first session of the Fall be used to listen to members of our community. Please join us on Friday September 11 at 12 PM ET for an open discussion of the future direction of the SciEngage platform. We are interested in hearing about the issues you and your organizations have been grappling with, and discussing how SciEngage might better serve as a portal for difficult conversations and collaborative solutions. 

Importantly, we want to ensure that whatever strategy we undertake is additive and complementary to efforts being undertaken by other organizations so that we are able to build upon, rather than repeat, initiatives and discussions that have already taken place.

We are prepared to roll up our sleeves and do the hard work so that SciEngage is representative of the values and principles to which we aspire.

We hope that you are able to join us.

The session will be recorded. More information about these sessions are on this Center for Public Engagement webpage.​ You may also request to join the #SciEngage email list. 

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Elana Kimbrell

Project Director

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