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Scientists and the Media: Op-eds, LTEs, and Working with Journalists

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The 2016 slate of UCS Science Network Workshops is kicking off with a webinar with Inside Climate News journalist Neela Banerjee on how scientists and journalists can work together to improve science reporting in the media.

Sharing information about new discoveries and correcting misinformation are two important ways scientists can work with journalists and ensure science is being accurately portrayed in the media. Journalists want to get the story right, and scientists have the expertise that can help make that happen. But you’re not likely to get your op-ed published in the New York Times on your first attempt. So how can you reach the public through the media? By building relationships with journalists, you’ll have a better understanding of what they’re looking for, what is likely to be published, and how to provide useful background information and quotes on scientific topics. Join us for a one hour webinar with Inside Climate News writer Neela Banerjee and UCS Communications Officer Seth Michaels as they discuss science and the media and take your questions on the topic.