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Smart Mobility: Embracing Technological Advances to Propel Future Growth

1200 New York Ave, N.W., Washington, DC

American Association for the Advancement of Science 
Hitachi Ltd. 
are pleased to invite you to the 

AAAS-Hitachi Lecture
Smart Mobility: Embracing Technological Advances to Propel Future Growth

featuring Dr. Chetan Gupta, Chief Data Scientist & Architect at the Industrial AI Lab at Hitachi America R&D

September 5, 2018
11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Light luncheon to follow

Dr. Chetan Gupta

The growing prevalence of connected devices and their ability to provide increasing amounts of data to help propel Smart Cities excites the mind to future possibilities. Smart Cities, however, can also seem abstract and at times it is difficult to fully understand their real-world implications. Narrowing down to just one area of Smart Cities, Smart Mobility, we can begin to see the true benefit the Internet of Things society has in creating efficiencies in everyday activities. Hitachi’s Dr. Chetan Gupta will explain Smart Mobility and the applications it can have for businesses to propel their future growth.

Dr. Chetan Gupta is the Chief Data Scientist & Architect, and he manages the Industrial AI Lab at Hitachi America R&D. Chetan has more than 15 years of experience in analytics, AI, big data, and related domains. Over his career he has worked both as a machine learning data scientist as well as in designing systems and architectures for big data applications.

At Hitachi, he manages a large team of data scientists, architects and developers that is engaged in developing cutting edge solutions and opening new frontiers in the area of industrial analytics. His team builds fundamental horizontal technologies that are then used to build solutions for industry specific verticals. He has led efforts to build horizontal solutions in predictive maintenance, quality, operations monitoring and control, and for verticals such as mobility, mining, building energy management systems, etc.

Over the years Dr. Chetan has led multiple research and development teams, and mentored young researchers. He has close to 50 patents either granted or under review and more than 40 publications in the area of data mining/machine learning, data stream systems, complex event processing, workload management, etc. Dr. Chetan has a Ph.D. in Mathematics and M.S. in Mathematical Computer Science and Chemical Engineering from University of Illinois, Chicago.