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Video Chat: Social Sciences in STPF

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Seeking to gain hands-on policy experience and apply your STEM training to address societal challenges? Are you a social scientist (psychologist, anthropologist, sociologist, economist) wondering if a AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowship (STPF) is right for you?

With the opportunity to collaborate with high-ranking policy leaders, individuals with a background in social sciences have much to contribute and gain from the fellowship. The STPF fellowship is the premier opportunity for outstanding scientists and engineers to learn first-hand about policymaking while using their knowledge and analytical skills to address today’s most pressing societal challenges. With yearlong placements in Washington in the executive, judicial and legislative branches of federal government, the STPF program fosters a strong network of STEM leaders who understand government and policymaking. 

Join us on July 27, 2017, 2:00 p.m. ET for a video chat with fellows who share a background in social sciences. Hear directly from STPF fellows and staff to learn about the impact fellows have been making for more than 44 years.

Apply today! The deadline is November 1.

The AAAS S&T Policy Fellowships are open to U.S. citizens who hold doctoral level degrees in any of the following:

  • Medical and Health sciences.
  • Biological, Physical or Earth sciences.
  • Social and Behavioral sciences.
  • Computational sciences and Mathematics.
  • Engineering disciplines (applicants with an M.S. in engineering and three years of professional experience also qualify).

Before the chat, read an overview of STPF program so we have more time to answer specific questions relevant to you.



Salaeha Shariff


Amber Hewitt, PhD 2016-17 American Psychological Association Congressional Fellow

Amber Hewitt

Amber is the 2016-2017 Jacquelin Goldman Congressional Fellow, a position funded by the American Psychological Foundation and affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Amber is hosted in the office of U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ). Her policy interests include health, education, and child welfare.

Amber served as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology from 2013-2016 at the University of Akron. Her research program examines the gendered-racial identity development of Black adolescents, critical consciousness development, and prevention programs that foster resilience and optimal development in children and adolescents.

Amber received her doctoral degree in counseling psychology.

Daniel J Hicks, PhD 2016-17 Executive Branch Fellow, National Science Foundation

Daniel Hicks

Daniel is a AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow (STPF). During his first year as a STPF Fellow he was hosted at the Environmental Protection Agency, working with a chemical safety research program. He is currently a second year fellow hosted at the National Science Foundation, working with the National Robotics Initiative.

He is a philosopher of science and science and technology studies researcher. His work focuses on public scientific controversies, such as climate change, genetically modified foods, and vaccines.

Daniel received his doctoral degree in Philosophy.